The photos displayed on this website are all copyright protected. We get our photos from one of three sources:

  • Our In-House Photographers Take Them
  • Licensing Photos From Landscaping Contractors & Photographers
  • Submitted To Us By Our Website Visitors (Homeowners, etc)

We have a traceable path back to the first two sources of our photos. We have no way of knowing where the photos submitted by our visitors have originally come from. We require all photo submitters to accept our terms of use, which states the photos must have been taken by them and that they are giving us permission to use them on this website.

However, if you feel one of your photographs is on our website and is being used without your permission, please send us the exact URL to the page in which contains the photo you are questioning.

We will investigate the source of the photo to determine if indeed it is your protected image. If we find that the photo is a match to your protected image, it will be immediately and permanently deleted from our website without additional correspondence required from you. Please send your copyright file number to expedite the investigation.

To contact us regarding a specific photo(s) in question, please send an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with a subject line of “Copyright Of Landscaping Photo” so it can be easily directed to our intellectual property team. Or, you can simply use our contact form found here.

Thank you for helping us maintain an honest, ethical and safe environment for all landscaping lovers.

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