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Member since: January 2012

Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping Ideas is the owner of Landscaping Ideas Online.  You’ll find me all over this website offering hints and tips into the world of landscape design, responding to people within the forums and also providing photos to help you with ideas for your next design.

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Articles by Landscaping Ideas

10 Whimsical Gardens You’ll Love

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 23rd April 2014

A whimsical garden often engages your senses in unexpected ways. Flowers and plants might mix with colorful found objects or vintage garden tools. If you're artistically inclined, a whimsical garden provides a blank canvas for your favorite medium. Take inspiration from 10 gardens where flowers are only one of the attractions.

Composting: Turning Garbage Into Garden Gold

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 17th February 2014

Gardeners often regard rich, dark compost as an almost magical elixir that multiplies their soil's nutrients and enhances its water-retaining abilities. The resulting healthier plants are quite adept at fighting off common plant diseases that might decimate more nutrient-starved plants. While some gardeners follow specific composting instructions, you can still cultivate a good batch of compost by slightly relaxing the rules.

Planning a Rooftop Vegetable Garden

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2014

You've enjoyed your visits to your local farmer's market, as you discovered an enticing cornucopia of vegetables. You found red, yellow, and even pink tomatoes. You couldn't decide between bright yellow summer squash or rich dark green zucchini, so you bought them both. While it was satisfying to support your local farmers, you really want to grow your own vegetable bounty. If you live in an urban environment, or an area with little horizontal gardening land, you've thought that growing a vegetable garden is simply not possible. You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that a rooftop garden, bursting with delightfully fresh vegetables, might be another option. Careful preparation will give your garden a great chance of success.

Building A Tire Swing

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 06th February 2012

Tire swings are an American tradition. They have been a fun addition to yards for decades and kids still love them. They are also one of the easiest ways to add another fun dimension to the yard. However, there is more to building a tire swing than tying your spare to a tree limb with a rope. Of course, it all starts with locating an appropriately sized and sufficiently strong tree limb. Now, let’s look at what you will need to do after finding that perfect branch in order to construct a great tire swing.

Ideas For A Relaxing Backyard

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 06th February 2012

If you are like many Americans, your backyard is your oasis from the world. This is the spot you choose to spend your time off with your family and friends. It is a place where you will do a lot of your living. Unfortunately, many Americans also find their backyards to be places that aren’t comfortable and relaxing. Often by lack of knowledge or even lack of creativity we create formal spaces that really aren’t quite suitable for relaxing.

Adding Color To Your Landscape

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 03rd February 2012

If you are looking for great ways of adding color to your landscaping then look no further than your local lawn and garden center. You should be able to find many wonderful flowers to add that special little pop of color no matter what your landscaping situation. The first step you need to take however is actually testing the soil in the areas around your home and garden in which you plan to plant. By doing this you will know if you need to make plans to add nutrients and minerals to enrich your soil or seek alternatives such as well placed and carefully selected raised beds or planters as homes for your new plants and flowers.

Avoid Common Landscaping Mistakes

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 01st February 2012

We live in a do-it-yourself culture. The upside to that reality is that many of us get tremendous opportunities to try our hands and new skills and to learn interesting things while saving money. The downside is that we sometimes trade expertise and quality for that experience and cost-effectiveness. Landscaping is a perfect example of this. Everyone wants to take care of the job without calling the professionals, but their lack of expertise can create problems.

Swimming Pool Landscaping

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 01st February 2012

Having a swimming pool for your home enjoyment is a great way to spend your time relaxing and enjoying the cool water. However, most swimming pool owners want the area to be appealing as well. There are many great ways you can landscape the area. You have the option of putting your create side into motion. Many great supplies are available at craft stores and home improvement stores. You can also find many great ideas and do it yourself landscaping ideas on the internet.

Indoor Herb Garden

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 31st January 2012

Having your own indoor herb garden is much easier than most people realize. This is a great opportunity to have all the fresh herbs you love to cook with at your finger tips. Growing your own is definitely less expensive than purchasing the many herbs we could with. Choose to grow parsley, thyme, cilantro, basil, dill, oregano, sweet majoram, chives, garlic, mustard, and sage.

Landscaping Lighting Ideas

Posted by Landscaping Ideas on 20th January 2012

Adding light to illuminate your landscaping is a brilliant way to bring it to life. There are many great lighting ideas to choose from that will enhance the beauty of your landscaping without taking away the appeal. Adjustable flood lights work very well. They provide a great deal of light to the area. Pathway lights come in many colors and shapes, so you can pick one that blends well with your landscaping.

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